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The OSG EXOTAP A-TAP is here!!!

And we are stocking many of the different options in-house. What does this mean for you? We are capable of providing you with next day delivery directly from our facility on certain OSG A-Taps!

The EXOTAP® A-Tap® is an all-purpose tap series designed to simplify tool management and to excel in a wide variety of materials and applications. The EXOTAP® A-Tap® is made from powdered metal HSS and has OSG’s patented V coating to achieve excellent wear resistance. The spiral flute series has adopted a variable helix flute design, which encourages stable chip evacuation and reduces cutting forces. The spiral point series has unique geometry that enables greater chip control that can help produce tightly compacted chips for easy ejection from the hole.

List 16500 – Spiral Fluted, Metric

List 16505 – Spiral Fluted, Inch

List 16510 – Spiral Pointed, Metric

List 16515 – Spiral Pointed, Inch


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